If You're Moving to Florida, You Need This Book.



  • The State of Florida is offering hundreds of dollars in property tax savings to its residents each year–do you know how to take advantage?
  • You can buy a home in Florida, live here all year and still be liable for taxes in your old state?
  • That unsuspecting homeowners in Florida could end up paying twice for construction of their home if they don’t know the law?
  • That filing certain applications at the right time can save you thousands of dollars? 

If you answered NO to any of these questions and are thinking of moving to Florida, The Official Snowbird’s Guide to Becoming A Florida Resident is a must for you.  The tips and secrets contained in this guide will make sure you enjoy the benefits of moving to Florida.

Dean Hanewinckel is a Florida attorney who has helped clients move to and prosper in Florida for more than 25 years. In his book, he shares the knowledge and secrets he has passed to his clients.

It is a must for anyone even thinking about moving to Florida, because it is the most comprehensive book on the issues you must address to be a Florida resident.

Starting with a step-by-step guide of How to Become a Florida Resident, the book covers such valuable topics as:

  • How to take advantage of Florida’s homestead law.  Secrets the County Tax Collectors don’t want you to know.

  • How to make sure your loved ones don’t suffer the same fate as Terri Schiavo’s family.

  • How to free yourself from the tax bondage of your previous state.

  • How to save thousands of dollars by qualifying for in-state college tuition.

  • The secret trap unwary residents fall into that could double or even triple the
    amount of property taxes they have to pay.

  • How to save thousands of dollars when buying a home in Florida. The book walks you through detailed instructions of the contract, laws and Florida customs that can keep you from paying unnecessary and expensive costs.

  • Money saving tips Florida contractors don’t want you to know that will reduce your costs and put you in control of the construction process.

  • Methods for planning your estate to avoid thousands of dollars in probate costs and estate taxes.

  • Simple things you can do to save thousands of dollars in property insurance premiums.

  • Understanding the Florida condominium concept so you will know your rights and what questions to ask when buying. In Florida, you receive a big pile of condominium documents when you look to buy a condo unit. This book will take you through them – step-by-step, to help make sure you can decipher them and that you are buying into the right community.

There are hidden minefields for us Florida transplants.  We need to be familiar with the attempts by the State and Counties to trap us.  The Official Snowbird’s Guide to Becoming A Florida Resident helps you navigate the treacherous waters of Florida law.