Save the Snowbirds

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 07:00AM

Each year over 200,000 people move to Florida.  Many move here for the weather, the quality of life, or to get away from the tax burden of their former state.  Each new resident has the potential of saving thousands of dollars if they are knowledgeable about these opportunities.

Florida's economy has long depended upon its visitors and new residents.  In most areas of the state, real estate and construction are the engines that make the economy go.  By educating our new residents and informing them of strategies to break free from the tax bondage of the state they moved away from, to use the homestead exemption to reduce property taxes, and to take advantage of other money saving opportunities, we free up more money to bolster the Florida economy.  With 200,000 new residents, these savings can total tens of millions of dollars each year.

These tips and strategies are presented in detail in The Official Snowbird's Guide To Becoming A Florida Resident.  It is the only book available that addresses these issues and is designed to save a new Florida resident thousands of dollars.

It is my goal to get The Official Snowbird's Guide To Becoming A Florida Resident into the hands of at least 10% of the people moving to Florida in the next four months.  You can help by forwarding this message to anyone you know who is thinking about moving to Florida, anyone whose business is positively impacted by the new residents and any visitor who is getting tired of shoveling snow and paying taxes.

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