Become a Member of an Exclusive Club

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 at 11:25AM

Being a Florida resident can be like belonging to an exclusive club with your Florida drivers license as your membership card. On this site, we frequently discuss the advantages of becoming a Florida resident. While many of these advantages involve legal issues such as lower taxes, creditor protection and homestead, today's post will spare you from the legalese.

Many resorts, theme parks and attractions in Florida recognize that Florida residents are their best source of repeat customers. Because we don't have to travel as far, we tend to make more frequent trips to these facilities. As a result, they target Florida residents for some of their best deals. The following is just a sample of the benefits available to those who choose to make Florida their home.

WALT DISNEY WORLD RESORT DISCOUNTS FOR FLORIDA RESIDENTS. Walt Disney World has special theme park passes, lodging discounts and other benefits available exclusively to Florida residents. To qualify you have to book these ahead of time as a Florida resident and then provide proof of residency (Florida drivers license or identifaction card) upon arrival. For more information go to

UNIVERSAL. Universal Orlando Resort has special deals for Florida residents which include discounted theme park passes, Florida resident annual passes and special hotel rates. Click for further details.

BUSCH GARDENS in Tampa and SEA WORLD ORLANDO have a special deal exclusively for Florida residents. If you purchase a regular admission ticket to either theme park, that ticket will give you unlimited admission for the rest of the year to that park.

The State of Florida Tourism Industry even has its own travel planning agency. VISITFLORIDA has a wealth of information about get-away ideas, event information and travel deals. You can find special resort rates, discounts for attractions and little known vacation and travel escapes for Florida residents. Visit VISITFLORIDA at

Become a Florida resident today.  Order The Official Snowbird's Guide to Becoming a Florida Resident.